Contraindications to skin whitening at home

As such, there are no contraindications, but one should not forget about precautions.

As a rule, whitening masks are very dry. With a fatty type, this is not a problem, but the dry skin must be moistened and nourished.

Another problem is an allergic reaction. If any of the components have not been used before, it must be tested first on the hand. Within 24 hours we observe the reaction, and if there is redness, the remedy can not be used.

Also, after bleaching procedures, you can not go to direct sunlight, nor should you lighten skin with hyperpigmentation without specifying a specialist.

How quickly remove unpleasant specks from the face?

A beauty salon is reliable but expensive.

If there are time and money, then it is better to use the services of professionals. Their methods are effective and allow achieving the desired result in a short time.

If you do not have the opportunity to contact a beautician, you will have to act on your own using home bleaching.

To the aid, as usual, comes folk medicine with its uncountable recipes.

Also in the cosmetic shop, you can find different bleaching creams and masks, and you can make them yourself.

The more tools used to control pigments, the earlier it will be possible to evaluate the result.

Pigmentation is very unpleasant.

Even girls with freckles can experience discomfort, and the greatest desire in their life is to get rid of red spots.

So where do they come from, these pigment spots?

  • Ultraviolet rays.
  • Genetic pigmentation.
  • Medicines, antibiotics.
  • The effect of ultraviolet.
  • Cosmetic preparations.
  • Due to some diseases.

But not only pigmentation may require bleaching of the face. Often spots remain on the skin after acne, which you also want to get rid of sooner.
How to lighten your face with cream?
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Take care.