How to curl your hair without using a hair curler?

Curling your hair is the latest trend nowadays. Everyone wants to look gorgeous and have an attractive look. If you don’t have a curler then don’t worry, you can curl your hair properly at your home. It will also save your hair from damage. Following are some of the ways by which you can curl your hair at home.

The pin curling method:
Pin curling is very simple and easy to apply at home. To do this, you have to wash your hair properly using shampoo and conditioner. Now, it is the time to squeeze all the water from the hair. When you squeeze excess water from hair, then apply gel on your hair.
Now it is the time to make sections of your hair. Take 1 inches of your hair in each section and wrap it around your finger, creating a look. Just roll the curls till root and hold it with the help of your thumb and little finger. Pin your hair correctly. When you are done, cover your head with a scarf and leave it overnight. Open the pins in the morning and have beautiful curly hair. Don’t forget to hair spray to give soft look.
Use rollers to perm your hair
Curling at home is also possible using different rollers. Make sure that all the rules should be same in size. In order to apply rollers, you have to wash your hair properly and use the gel. Take one roller in an upward direction from bottom to the roots. Don’t forget to pin the rollers correctly. Otherwise, they will get loose after some time.

Apply rollers for at least 4 hours to get good results. You can apply rollers before making over and remove them after you are done with it. Don’t use brush right away but un-curl them with your hands? In the end, you should apply hair spray.

Curl your hair with Bobby Pins

You can easily curl your hair with Bobby pins. For this, you have to wash your hair properly and dry it. You have to remove at least 80% water from it. Create small twisted buns and secure them all with bobby pins. Once you are done with all, wear the shower cap. In the morning, you can remove the cap and allow your hair to dry completely. Uncurl all your hair and comb your hair with fingers. Apply hair spray to hold all hair in place. Allways use only best curling iron you can find out here.
Curl your hair with paper towel
Curling hair with a paper towel is not only easier but also economic. First of all, take the paper towel and make it 4 to 5 inches long. Now take 2 inches hair and wrap it around the paper towel you have prepared. Roll your hair in upward directions from bottom to the root. In the end, pin up all the rollers correctly. Repeat the same process with all your hair sections and leave it for the whole night. Open all the pins in the morning and remove paper towels. To adjust the hair at their place, use hair spray.