Simple guideline to help you use the mask correctly

Face masks are very useful! But it is important to do it right!
The test to check reaction of your skin.
To check whether you have an allergic reaction to any component of the mask, beauticians recommend to carry out a simple test before full use of the product.
Firstly, wash with warm water using a mild soap. In an area where there is redness and rashes, apply a little surprising number of product and leave it for a specified period of time.
24 hours later check the reaction where the mask was applied. If allergy symptoms does not appear, it means you can safely use the mask.

A few simple guidelines can help you use the mask correctly:
Never apply the mask on the eyelids and skin around the eyes.
Before applying the mask you can protect the area around the eyes with a nourishing cream.
If you make a mask by yourself, immediately put it to the skin and do not store it, even in the refrigerator.
Strictly follow the instructions, if the mask you bought in the store.
Do not try too much pressure the skin. Just rinse off the mask. You can deprive your skin and reduce the efficiency of the power.
During use, the mask is better to lie down.
Do not use the mask if there is damage on the skin, scratching or inflammation.
Many people make masks at home themselves but if you are lack of time you can buy them at the store. Try to use reviews of best face masks to buy most effective for you.